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Next iMug Monthly Meeting—
Tuesday 22 September 2015

Time: 6:15pm for 6:30pm
Venue: Discovery Centre, MuseumVictoria, Carlton

Visitors welcomed to come!

3D Printing: Do you want to make your own screwdriver or ...?

Presenter: Simon Sherrin, Senior Developer, Digital Products, Museum Victoria


This is a must for members wishing to see the latest technology in 3D printing, and isn't this a technology that is likely to affect all of us? Already, amazing things are being created, and like all technology, costs are coming down.

The combination of 3D scanning and printing is changing the way we preserve our past. Two dimensional photographs used to be the best way to chronicle past discoveries, events and research, but over the last several years the emergence of highly accurate 3D scanning equipment and the subsequent ability to 3D print the data obtained from those scanners has presented a way to replicate the past. Whether it's a bust of President Obama while in office, or an artifact destroyed by terror groups around the world, these technologies are changing the way that those in the future can tap into our current time.

Here is a chance to see the most up to date technology in operation in the environment of the the museum. During the evening 3D printing of various types will be demonstrated, with a focus on the approach made by the desktop Makerbot replicator.

Examples will be given of its use at Museum Victoria, and the limitations of the technology will be explained. We will have the opportunity first hand of holding examples of success and failure as they are distributed around.

The printer will be seen in operation, possibly creating a Basking shark. See: Museum Victoria 3D Scans Rare 20-Foot Long Basking Shark – 3D Printed Replica Coming Next

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