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iMug is where you can seek help and share knowledge with other business, educational, professional and home users. The hub of iMug is our mailing list but we also hold a variety of meetings throughout the year.

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Video from iMug's May Meeting

A crash course in iBeacon technology and its applications

Presenter: Tyson Bradford, Mobile Lead @ Klyp

The world around us is getting smarter. The long awaited and highly anticipated 'Internet of Things' has arrived, with iBeacons at the very forefront of this wave.

Next iMug Monthly Meeting—
Tuesday 23 June 2015

Time: 6:30pm - 9pm, refreshments from 6:15pm
Venue: The Library at The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands Vic 3008, Melbourne. The Library is 50 meters from the end of Tram Lines 11 and 48. Street parking is also available. See map and directions. This new facility has a state-of-the-art presentation room with full AV capabilities and a robust internet connection providing NBN speeds.

Visitors welcomed to come!

iMovie magic - Creating watchable movies from a stack of video clips and stills

Presenter: Rob Crocker - iMug member

With the proliferation of iPhones providing the camera that each of us has with us at all times, the taking of stills and movies has escalated, leaving us with literally hundreds of clips from all parts of our daily lives. And what are we doing with them?

One solution is to put them into a meaningful order which we can view and proudly show to others through the use of iMovie. Rob decided to get his many travel clips into a viewable condition and tonight he will show his efforts, which we think you will agree has produced a very commendable result. Join us for a really enjoyable evening.

Rob is one of those brave persons who is prepared to stand before us and demonstrate his journey with iMovie in achieving really excellent results in transforming hours of travel clips to enjoyable, succinct entertaining memories of his various travels, with particular emphasis on Canada and Hawaii.

Rob will describe how he 'self taught', and share his learning with us. He will run through the basics of using iMovie but focus mostly on ways of producing creative movies combining video, stills and music.

In many ways this is an especially valuable evening as he will detail for the rest of us the pathways and traps to avoid, as well as his many successes as we will see on the evening.

This is also an evening where we invite you, our members, to bring an iPad, memory stick or laptop to share your own iMovie experiences. These may well be 5 - 10 minute vignettes but will widen our collective knowledge base. There will be some iTunes cards to those happy to contribute.

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