iMuginternet macintosh user group!

About iMug

iMug—the Internet Macintosh User Group Inc—provides Apple Mac and iPod users with an opportunity to share knowledge in an online community with other business, educational, professional and home users, all for the low annual fee of $10. The hub of iMug is its mailing lists but we also hold a variety of meetings throughout the year. iMug:

It is this diversity that makes iMug vibrant and progressive. Join iMug today or come along to one of our monthly meetings to check us out!

iMug Discussion List

iMug's hub is its email Discussion list that is exclusive to members where there is a free exchange of knowledge, ideas, help, news and even some laughs.


Demonstrations from software and hardware representatives and presentations from members and guests on a broad range of topics.

iMug's History

iMug started life as VMUG—the Victorian Macintosh User Group. As the internet became the focus everywhere for doing business, communicating and seeking answers, VMUG decided to move to an internet-based club and change its name to iMug—the Internet Macintosh User Group.

At that time our popular monthly magazine VMUG News, distributed to members and sold at newsagents, ceased production and so reflected our move to the internet as a means of communication and source of information.

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2020/21 iMug Committee Members

President: Anthony Caruana
Vice-President: Gary Barker
Secretary: Jac Smit
Treasurer: Ron Rankin
Ordinary Committee Members:
Robert Charlton
Charmian Gaud
Les Posen
Hope Stewart

Rules of the Association

pdf file Rules of the Internet Macintosh User Group Inc as adopted by the members, October 2021