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iMug Discussion List

The Discussion mailing list is the hub of iMug and is where members freely exchange knowledge, ideas, help, news and even some laughs.

Membership to iMug entitles you, at no extra cost, to join our online Discussion email list. Exclusive to members, the Discussion list can be received as individual emails or as a daily digest.

Gain from the group's collective knowledge with the opportunity to also contribute. Post your questions and receive timely answers from various points of view, experience and expertise.

Committee members will periodically post announcements about upcoming events and meetings to keep you informed. Our Email Lists are particularly useful for members who cannot attend meetings or live or work too far away.

Tips for Managing Your iMug Mailing List Subscription

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iMug Mailing List Netiquette Guide

pdf file Download pdf version of iMug Netiquette Guide (72k pdf)

The iMug mailing lists are great for iMug members to help each other and to share knowledge and news from the Apple world. To help members get the most from the list, the iMug Committee of Management has prepared this guide.

Ten Quick Rules

  1. Use a descriptive subject for the message—not everyone reads every message.
  2. Topics for discussion. Anything relating to Apple products, including news, troubleshooting, hardware, and software.
  3. When asking for help please provide details such as: relevant hardware, software, and Mac OS version number.
  4. When replying only quote sections relevant to the reply. Keep the email succinct and relevant to the thread or change the topic in the subject line, particularly if you are replying to a digest.
  5. Do not post sexist, vulgar, profane, blasphemous, racist, discriminatory, or similarly offensive material. Also don't post religious (sectarian) material.
  6. If you're posting a long URL, please consider using a service like TinyURL. This will take a long URL and create an abbreviated one that will take readers to the right site. This is because some mail clients will break long URLs over two lines, making the link non-functional.
  7. Limit email signatures to four lines and don't add attachments—they are not transmitted on the iMug Discussion mailing list.
  8. Be very careful when discussing Vendor performance. Avoid opinions and stick to the facts—libel can be expensive.
  9. Be careful when making comments that could be construed as offensive by other members. Respect the views of others at all times.
  10. Do not post messages promoting your business services or website. The iMug President may be able to include material in the President's Update. Offering your computer equipment for sale or donation is acceptable; trading is not.

The Netiquette Guide is only a guide but if you stray too far from this guide, the Committee of Management may, in the interests of other members, step in and restrict your use of the list for a short period or even permanently.

Use of Capital Letters

Refrain from typing all or part of a message in upper case letters except where capitalisation of a single word gives an appropriate emphasis or where used as a heading to a paragraph of text to make for easier reading and improved comprehension.

The iMug list messages are text only. Although emotions can be expressed by typing all or part of a message in capital letters please remember this is a metaphor for shouting and should generally be avoided.

A softer form of *Emphasis* can be given by bracketing a word or words with asterisks.

Talking about Vendors

The iMug list is a great way to share experiences about different resellers. However, it is important to stick to the facts. For example, if you feel that a vendor took too long to respond to an inquiry on the phone:

Note the difference between fact and opinion.

Please be both factual and courteous and also remember that several resellers on the iMug list provide great service and special deals to iMug members. Remember you are responsible for your own words.

Replying to Messages

Some messages are long and may include some advertising messages from the service provider. When replying to a message and quoting back, please delete all the extra material that's not needed. Not only does it help people receiving individual messages but it especially makes life a lot easier for members receiving digests of messages.

When replying to a digest message please change the subject from "Digest Number 234" to something which is topic descriptive.


iMug chooses not to allow attachments to be sent to members via the email lists for several specific reasons:

Members are therefore encouraged to explain in simple language any problems or issues they encounter rather than rely on forwarding attachments.

The iMug Committee of Management does reserve the right to use email lists to send attachments to members and has done so on rare occasions.

Commercial or Promotional Messages

The iMug list is not a vehicle for members to advertise services. If you have a commercial post you'd like to make to iMug members please send it to for inclusion in the weekly President's Update. Inclusion is at the discretion of the Committee of Management.

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