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The Discussion mailing list is the hub of iMug and is where members freely exchange knowledge, ideas, help, news and even some laughs.

Membership to iMug entitles you, at no extra cost, to join our online Discussion email list. Exclusive to members, the Discussion list can be received as individual emails or as a daily digest.

Gain from the group's collective knowledge with the opportunity to also contribute. Post your questions and receive timely answers from various points of view, experience and expertise.

Committee members will periodically post announcements about upcoming events and meetings to keep you informed. Our Email Lists are particularly useful for members who cannot attend meetings or live or work too far away.

Tips for Managing Your iMug Mailing List Subscription

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iMug Discussion List Guidelines

pdf file Download pdf of iMug List Guidelines


The iMug Email List is the group’s primary means of sharing information and participating in our community. Its purpose is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and news from the Apple world. But, more than that, it's also a place where members should be able to safely express opinions about that news and why it matters to them.

To assist members with getting the most from the email list and to ensure it is a safe place for all members, the Committee has prepared this guide.

There may be topics posted on the list that are either not of interest or may incite an emotional response. If this happens, avoid reacting to the message. It is important to remember that offence can be both given and taken.

These guidelines do not supersede iMug’s Rules of Association.


  1. As an Apple-focussed group, suitable topics for discussion can relate to Apple products, including news, troubleshooting, hardware, and software. Where this news intersects with other, potentially controversial areas such as politics, please be respectful as not everyone will share the same points of view.
  2. Use a descriptive subject for your message. Not everyone reads every message so a descriptive subject helps members filter conversations that are not of interest to them.
  3. If you receive the email digest and choose to only respond to a specific section, copy that section into a new message with an appropriate subject.
  4. When asking for help please provide details such as: relevant hardware, software, and Mac OS version number. If there is an error message, quoting it or including a screen capture as an attachment can be helpful for resolving your question.
  5. When replying to a message, only quote sections relevant to the reply. Keep the email succinct and relevant to the thread or change the topic in the subject line, particularly if you are replying to a digest.
  6. When replying to a message and quoting back, please delete all the extra material that’s not needed. This shortens individual messages and makes life a lot easier for members receiving digests of messages.
  7. Do not post defamatory, sexist, vulgar, profane, blasphemous, racist, discriminatory, or similarly offensive material. Do not post religious (sectarian) material. Be careful when making comments that could be construed as offensive by other members.
  8. Do not personally attack another member.
  9. Any threat of legal action published to the list about another member, the list, or the club itself, will result in immediate removal of the sender from the list.
  10. Limit email signatures to four lines and avoid using images.
  11. When discussing the service from a particular vendor, service provider app developer or other third party, ensure that you make it clear you are expressing a view based on facts as they pertain to your specific situation. For example, you could say "App X kept crashing on my system. I contacted the developer but they did not respond" rather than "App X is rubbish and the developer is terrible".
  12. Do not post messages promoting your business services or products. If you have personal, surplus equipment, you can offer it to members for sale or donation. But such an arrangement is between the members involved and does not imply any warranty or responsibility on the part of iMug or the Committee.
  13. Refrain from typing all or part of a message in upper case letters except where capitalisation of a single word gives an appropriate emphasis or where it is used as a heading to a paragraph of text to make for easier reading and improved comprehension.
  14. iMug allows attachments to be sent to members via the email lists. The maximum length in kilobytes (KB) of a message body is set to 500KB. There is no specific limit on attachment size. The 500KB limit applies to the entire message including the body of the message and any attachments.


This guide is not an exhaustive set of rules. The Committee may, in the interests of other members, step in and restrict your use of the list for a short period or permanently.

For a member to be suspended from the list, two members of the Committee must endorse the suspension. Any member of the Committee involved in the matter will not be allowed to endorse that suspension.

Permanent removal of a member from the list will require a meeting of the Committee. Submissions from the suspended member or members can be provided to the Committee to assist them with their decision-making process.

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