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Past iMug meetings

Date Topics & Presenters
Sep 2019 What makes it so difficult for Australia to deliver high speed gigabit broadband for everyone?
Speaker: Damian Ivereigh CEO of ISP Launtel
Jun 2019 Has Apple lost the plot?
Presenter: Anthony Caruana
Jun 2019 Virtual reality with the Oculus Quest using a Mac with hands on demos for members!
Presenter: Les Posen
Apr 2019 Apple Gear 2019 and beyond
Presenters: Anthony Caruana, previously editor of MacWorld Australia and Les Posen, Clinical Psychologist
Oct 2018 Reflecting on my 14 years with Macworld Australia
Presenter: Anthony Caruana
Sep 2018 FileMaker 17 - Whats new, exciting and innovative - a look at the latest version of this outstanding software
Presenter: Michael Ward, Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions
Jun 2018 Gaming and the Mac - Is it still the ‘black sheep’ of the gaming world… and more
Presenter: Richard Moss, journalist, historian & freelance writer
Apr 2018 Tips and Tricks in Photoshop
Presenter: Peter Green, Mac Advice
Feb 2018 HomeKit: Hi Siri, please turn on my lights!
Presenters: Les Posen, President, iMug, and Anthony Caruana, writer + presenter + facilitator + journalist + consultant
Aug 2017 Girls Rule! Melbourne Robocats: Programming, Electronics and Robotics
Presenters: Dr Therese Keane, Deputy Chair, Department of Education; Senior Lecturer, Education, Swinburne University of Technology and
Milorad Cerovac, Senior School Teacher and robotics Coordinator, King David School
July 2017 FileMaker 16 - Whats new, exciting and innovative - a look at the latest version of this outstanding software
Presenter: Michael Ward, Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions
Jun 2017 "The Dark Tower" - they don’t want to hack your Mac - just you!
Presenter: Anthony Caruana
May 2017 The Internet of Things and More...
Presenter: Danny Gorog, Co-founder and Director of Outware Mobile
March 2017 Photography for everyone: Frame rates, focus and F-stops are no longer required!
Presenter: Gary Bass, Apple Distinguished Educator
Feb 2017 Google Sites: Creating websites without HTML knowhow
Presenter: Charmian Gaud
Feb 2017 Living with the new Macbooks - cool and not so cool stuff…
Presenter: Les Posen
Oct 2016 Technology breaks the barriers, but can you wear it?
Presenter: Anthony Caruana, editor Macworld Australia
Sep 2016 Security & Privacy and the Consequences of Using the Internet
Presenter: David Turk
YouTube video video of David's presentation
Aug 2016 The Next Step in the Digital Revolution: Home scale manufacturing using 3D printing technology
Presenter: Gil Poznanski, Creative Technologies Activator at City of Melbourne
July 2016 Clearing the Cloud: Management of Digital Assets in Estate Planning
Presenters: Kathy Wilson, Partner, and Lizia Lim, Senior Associate at Aitken Partners
July 2016 The Use of Email and Social Media in Serving Court Documents in Family Law Proceedings
Presenter: Sharmini Subramaniam, Lawyer at Aitken Partners
June 2016 Customer Experience is the new loyalty - Why businesses need to improve their customer experience and how technology is now enabling them to get much better at personalisation and 1:1 marketing.
Speaker: James Webber, Consultant with Helslow
May 2016 FileMaker and Cartoons? KAPOW!
Presenter: Robert Black, Corporate Cartoonist
Apr 2016 Edtech, digitech and STEM - Apple in the forefront
Speaker: Gary Bass, Victorian IT leader of the year for 2016
YouTube video video of Gary's presentation
Mar 2016 FileMaker 14 - Whats new, exciting and innovative - continuing the journey
Presenter: Michael Ward, Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions, Member, FileMaker Business Alliance & FileMaker Technical Network FileMaker 7 - 12 Certified Developer
YouTube video video of Michael's presentation
Feb 2016 Garry Barker, Reflecting on 20 years as Macman
YouTube video more information including video of Garry's presentation
Oct 2015 Don't just use your Apple Watch to tell the time
Presenter: Danny Gorog, Director, Outware Mobile
Sep 2015 3D Printing - changing the way we preserve our past
Presenter: Simon Sherrin, Senior Developer, Digital Products, Museum Victoria
Aug 2015 Developing Games for iOS
Presenter: Brooke Maggs, game writer and producer with The Voxel Agents
July 2015 FileMaker 14 - What's new, exciting and innovative
Presenter: Michael Ward, Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions, Member, FileMaker Business Alliance & FileMaker Technical Network FileMaker 7 - 12 Certified Developer
YouTube video more information including video of Michael's presentation
June 2015 iMovie magic - Creating watchable movies from a stack of video clips and stills
Presenter: Rob Crocker, iMug member
May 2015 A crash course in iBeacon technology and its applications
Presenter: Tyson Bradford, Mobile Lead @ Klyp
YouTube video more information including video of Tyson's presentation
Apr 2015 On the way down: Blockbusters, Borders...Moving Up: Netflix, Apple, Bookworld—Staying relevant in a rapidly changing technology landscape
Presenter: James Webber, CEO Bookworld
YouTube video more information including video of James' presentation
Mar 2015 Who says technology can't make you fitter? Exercising more, Getting Healthier, and Enjoying life
Presenter: Anthony Caruana - Technology writer and past iMug President
YouTube video more information including video of Anthony's presentation
Feb 2015 Virtual Reality Interventions
Presenter: Les Posen
Oct 2014 (Dot).melbourne: Where will you live online?
Presenter: Mark Delzopp,o Business Operations Manager, ARI Registry Services
Sep 2014 Free Beer and Liberty for Photographers
Presenter: Peter Stagg Bureau of Meteorology and enthusiastic photographer
Sep 2014 Filemaker 13 - more versatile than ever: Part 2
Presenter: Michael Ward Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions
Aug 2014 Mobile is Changing: Google Glass and beyong
Presenter: Josh Guest, Managing Director of b2cloud
Aug 2014 An Interview with Josiah Humphrey, Co-Founder of Appster
By Garry Barker
July 2014 Cloud - It's an evolution, not a revolution
Presenter: Jim Valle, Consultant in the IT industry
July 2014 Quirky App Night
Presented by iMug members
June 2014 The way I use EyeTV
Presenter: Stephen Withers
June 2014 Models - Making Money on the Web
Presenter: Charles Crouch, Lecturer in e-business and digital marketing at Chisholm and the University of Tasmania
May 2014 Apps to Apple: their development, creation and pathway to entry to the AppStore
Presenter: Armin Kroll, Director and lead developer for iOS at jTribe.
May 2014 "Regular Expressions": A powerful tool you should know more about
Presenter: Robert Black, Strategy Cartoonist
Apr 2014 Macworld 2014 - Presentation Magic: My first hand experience
Presenter: Les Posen
Mar 2014 Filemaker 13's New Innovations
Presenter: Michael Ward, Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions, Member FileMaker Business Alliance & FileMaker Technical Network, FileMaker 7 - 12 Certified Developer
Feb 2014 Six Big Social Media Sites
Presenter: Charlie Crouch, Lecturer in e-business at Boston University.
Feb 2014 Tablet Publishing
Presenter: Fergus Shiel, Tablet Editor at The Age
Oct 2013 Add an hour to each day - automate your tasks
Presenter: Robert Black
Oct 2013 Create a manageable workflow with Evernote
Presenter: Bec Spink
Sep 2013 There's much more to know about iMovie 11
Presented by Streetwise Software
Aug 2013 Photoshopping the past - Part Two
Presenters: Peter Green of MacAdvice and Noel Jackling
Aug 2013 ....and one more new thing!
Presenter: Danny Gorog, Outward Mobile
July 2013 My journey over the past 100 issues of Macworld
Presenter: Anthony Caruana
July 2013 Designing on the iPhone and more...
Presenters: Jo Turner, Streetwise
June 2013 Hands up for free apps
Presenter: Peter Stagg
June 2013 Mid winter musings - members night
Presenters: You, our members
May 2013 iMac + iPhone + iPad = iLearn: how this 21st century teaching and learning is transforming schools and how we can all better use our iDevices to become enthusiastic and engaged learners ourselve
Presenter: Mark Richardson, ICTeD Services
May 2013 Preparing and performing my Keynote presentations
Presenter: Les Posen
Apr 2013 From an idea to world wide distribution: The journey of bringing an app to fruition!
Presenter: Ryan Burman, CEO of DiviMe
Apr 2013 Photoshopping the past: techniques used to bring to life a set of photographs taken in 1934
Presenters: Peter Green of MacAdvice and Noel Jackling Peter Green
Mar 2013 Have you ever thought of publishing an e-book?
Presenter: Charmian Gaud, Business Manager, HM Leisure Planning Pty Ltd
Mar 2013 Some of my great Apps!
Presenter: Robert Charlton
Feb 2013 Children with special needs especially appreciate the iPad
Presenter: Jane Farrell, speech pathologist and special educator
Feb 2013 Recently released! Take FileMaker 12 with you on the GO
Presenter: Michael Ward
Nov 2012 Exciting innovations with Apple technology happening at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School
Aug 2012 "The Daffodils" (or Work and Play online with seven plus different devices!)
Presenter: Peter Stagg, Web Developer
Aug 2012 The next 1800 seconds - Virtual Control Room – Concept to Reality
Presenter: Bruce Anderson, Manager of Operations, Water Infrastructure Group
July 2012 How are you handling your digital media? Throwing the light on a solution!
Presenter: Jim Valle, ConnectMac
July 2012 My latest views
Presenter: Anthony Caruana
June 2012 Why we need to develop a new App culture - a broad look at the mobile context
Presenter: Daniel Donahoo
June 2012 State of the Art: emerging trends that will shape the next decade in information technology
Presenter: Jonathon Wrigley, Xero Computing
May 2012 So you have a great website! Run the ruler over your site - Five things you MUST test
Presenter: Charlie Crouch
May 2012 Keynote: Made even better with some great Apps
Presenter: Les Posen, President, iMug
Apr 2012 The Six Ps: [Mac]Pherson, Plesman, Parmentier, PH-AJU Uiver, Planes and Photoshop
Presenters: Noel Jackling and Peter Green of MacAdvice
Apr 2012 Give a Great Presentation
Presenter: Charlie Crouch, lecturer in e-business at Boston University
Mar 2012 Social Media - How did we function without it?
Speaker: Sean Callanan, Sports Geek and SportsDP
Mar 2012 Social media: Friend or Foe - challenges for education
Speaker: Roland Gesthausan, eLearning Coordinator - Keysborough Secondary College, GLOBE Trainer at The GLOBE Program -- University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Feb 2012 Insights from Macworld 2012
Speaker: Les Posen
Nov 2011 End of Year Get Together
Oct 2011 "iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World"—a documentary about the life of Steve Jobs
Oct 2011 There's much more to know about iMovie and iPhoto
Presented by Streetwise Software
Sept 2011 The process of taking an app from concept to reality
Speaker: Danny Gorog
Sept 2011 Tinderbox—the most amazing Mac software you've never heard of
Speaker: Robert Black, ThereFor Design
Aug 2011 This is How iDoit... The Mac applications I relie on to run my business
Speaker: Kerrie Mullins-Gunst
Aug 2011 Quirky Applications I'm happy to share
Speakers: iMug members Michael Ward, Robert Morsillo, Charmian Gaud, Les Posen
July 2011 It's all about the Weather Man
Speaker: Peter Stagg, Bureau of Meteorology
July 2011 Your email: To POP or Not! IMAP as an alternative
Speaker: Anthony Carurana
June 2011 On Tour with Peter: Landscapes I have visited, including my recent trip to China
Speaker: Peter Walton, Professional Landscape & Tourism Photographer Australian Scenics, founder and owner of the Australian Scenics image library
June 2011 The Sky's the Limit!—Cloud computing and staying in sync
Speaker: Arjun Xavier, Synergetic, High St, Kew. Apple Authorised Service Technician
May 2011 Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School—A tour of an Apple-based performance college, and presentations from a diversity of professional users of the iPad
Apr 2011 Every T-shirt Tells a Story
Speaker: Charlie Crouch, former employee at Apple
Apr 2011 iPad and other mobile devices, apps, Prezi and the Apple Distinguished Educator program (ADE)
Speaker: Gary Bass
Mar 2011 An Apple for the Hypnotist...and the teacher
Speaker: Daryl Wilkinson, Hypnotherapist
Mar 2011 More on Filemaker and its portability
Speaker: Michael Ward, CustoMike Solutions
Feb 2011 Notes from a MacWorld traveller
Speaker: Les Posen, iMug President
Dec 2010 Interactive technologies in a modern museum
Speaker: Tim Hart, Director, Information, Multimedia and Technology, Museum Victoria
Dec 2010 Maestros Making Multimedia and Music
photos photos
Nov 2010 PeopleBrowsr—Social Media, Industry Disruption and the Collective Stream of Consciousness
Speaker: Jodee Rich, founder Imagineering Ltd, One.Tel Ltd, and PeopleBrowsr, a data mining, analytics and brand engagement service provider.
Nov 2010 iTag app—a QR Code reader and much more
Speakers: Jim Valle and Frank Ryder, Connecting Point
Nov 2010 Cloud computing
Speaker: Anthony Caruana, Pocket Mojo
Oct 2010 Landscape photography ... with a little help from Photoshop CS5
Speaker: Peter Walton, Professional Landscape & Tourism Photographer Australian Scenics, founder and owner of the Australian Scenics image library.
Oct 2010 To App or not to App—a new perspective on these essential mobile items
Speaker: Danny Gorog, freelance technologist journalist
Sept 2010 A High Definition TV System
Presented by Streetwise Software
Aug 2010 My photography and the Apple experience
Speaker: Kim Tonelli, Kim Tonelli Photography
Aug 2010 iPad & Education—Up in the Education Clouds?
Speaker: Gary Bass, St Helena Secondary College
July 2010 Snow Leopard services and basic Apple Automation
Speaker: Peter Stagg, Faculty Webmaster, Arts Information Technology, Apple University Consortium Representative
July 2010 FileMaker and Bento on your home machine and portable devices
Speaker: Michael Ward, CustoMike Solutions
June 2010 Elgato, the creator of award winning software for the Mac
Speaker: Thomas Kiel, Business development manager Elgato
June 2010 AppleScript: A neglected bride but full of surprises...
Speaker: Shane Stanley
Links from talk: Mac OS X Automation and
Padilicous—creating and delivering content for the iPad
May 2010 Out of the Green Guide—all things Apple
Speaker: Garry "MacMan" Barker, The Age
May 2010 Musings of an erstwhile Editor
Speaker: Matthew JC. Powell, TheEditor of MacTheMag
Apr 2010 The Early Bird catches the iPad!—including 3 real life iPads to touch, explore and handle (despite them not be available for sale in Australia until end of May 2010)
Speaker: Jonathon Wrigley, Xero Computing, Carlton
Apr 2010 No:1 Hashtag (Twitter) in Australia for a couple of days: How a recent Melbourne education IT conference managed this and more...
Speaker: Donna Benjamin, Creative Contingencies
Apr 2010 Adobe InDesign—A case study: making a hand-made book
Speaker: Robert Charlto
Mar 2010 The Apple Wiki
Speakers: Frank Ryder and Gary Bass, Connecting Point
Feb 2010 Macworld Insight Post-Macworld
Speaker: Les Posen, iMug President
Feb 2010 In support of the Mac
Speaker: Michael Ward, CustoMike Solutions
Dec 2009 Visit to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Dec 2009 Mac in 3D: Creating an Animated Short Film
Speaker: David Ward, multi-media student
Dec 2009 Apple product placement in TV & Movies
Speaker: Les Posen, iMug President
Nov 2009 Fujitsu scanners: The start of a paperless office
Speaker: Robert Black, Graphic Designer and Director, ThereFor Design
Nov 2009 Making digital information accessible to users in the future
Speakers: David Demant, Melbourne Museum and Noel Jackling, iMug
Oct 2009 iSnowed 2.0—a power user's experince of Snow Leopard
Speaker: Peter Stagg, Faculty Webmaster, Arts Information Technology, Faculty of Arts, Monash University
 Peter Stagg's blog of his talk, including a number of useful links
Oct 2009 The Story Tellers: A Chart for the Family Reunion— large-format printing capabilities that Reunion offers family researchers
Speaker: Robyn Fisher, Coordinator of the Reunion and Generations User Group (RAGUG), VicGUM Inc
Aug 2009 QuickKeys—save us time and make life easier
Speaker: Robert Black
Aug 2009 65000 apps; 1.5 billion download in iTunes App Store—where do I start?
Speaker: Charmian Gaud
July 2009 Comparing more Apples with Apples
Speaker: Justin Krisko, systems engineer, Apple Australia
July 2009 User groups around Australia—Issues, trends and the future
Speaker: Nicholas Pyers Founder,
June 2009 How sick Macs are diagnosed
Speaker: Adrian Beale, Synergetic Australia, Kew
June 2009 Landscape photography ... with a little help from Photoshop
Speaker: Peter Walton, Professional Landscape & Tourism Photographer Australian Scenics, founder and owner of the Australian Scenics image library
May 2009 Tour of Telstra Integration Centre in Barry St, Carlton—a live Cisco CRS-1 core network router operating at up to 92 Tbps (yes, that's right, Terabits per second) and other cool stuff that connects your iPhone to the world
May 2009 Telstra's new networks and emerging technologies
Speaker: Andrew Scott, Emerging Technology Manager, Chief Technology Office, Telstra
May 2009 4D v11 SQL database application
Speakers: Wayne Stewart, 4D Australia Technical Help resource, and Murray Cropley, education consultant
specialising in survey development and data analysis
Apr 2009 Accessing your office when on the move—different options were discussed and demonstrated such as Dropbox, LogMeIn, ftp and VNC.
Speaker: Anthony Caruana, Pocket Mojo
Apr 2009 Your Mac as a media centre—demonstration of Apple TV and Western Digital TV HD Media Player.
Speaker: Terry Bennett, Streetwise
Mar 2009 How might some of the latest web 2.0 applications be useful for you
Speaker: Gary Bass, Connecting Point
Mar 2009 iPhoto 09
Speaker: Terry Bennett, Streetwise
Feb 2009 Macworld '09—no Jobs but still a great Macworld: a personal view with a dialogue between Les Posen and MacMan Garry Barker
Feb 2009 A double billing of Macintosh documentaries (with popcorn!): "MacHEADS The Movie" and "Welcome to Macintosh"
Dec 2008 TRIUMPHANT TECHNOLOGY AND TROMBONES—iMug's end of year celebration

Lemonade—one of the first computer games
Ian Godfrey, with Robert Black. Ian demonstrated Lemonade which he played on his Apple II in 1979. Demonstration made possible by Virtual ][ (licence by courtesy of Gerard Putter).

Nothing is new under the sun ... some of us call it a 'Mac'!
David Demant, Senior Curator, Information and Communication, Museum Victoria
A see, touch hear experience of some of the precursors of modern information and communication devices.

Trombones (and tuba)
A pot pourri of outstanding music by the outstanding musicians of the RAAF Low Brass Ensemble

photos photo gallery (in new window)
Nov 2008 MacSpeech Dictate Meets FileMaker
Robert Holmes, Animal Behaviour, a referral practice in veterinary behaviour
Nov 2008 Web2.0—the connected web: Blogs, wikis, podcasting, social bookmarking
Gary Bass, Connecting Point
Oct 2008 Adobe Creative Suite 4: new features of the recently released Adobe CS4 Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other Adobe CS4 applications
Mike McHugh, Adobe Presenter
Sept 2008 ICT based activities in an Apple school
Mark Richardson, ICT Coordinator, Williamstown PS
Mark's interests in teaching ICT include, iWeb, digital video, stopmotion animation, podcasting, Web 2.0 & using ICT for social and environmental action. He is also involved in teacher professional development in ICT and is co-network leader of MacSchoolsNet a network for passionate Mac users in education.
 Mark's notes & links from his talk
Sept 2008 My highly loved 'Utilities' kit bag of trusted favourites....
Robert Blackt has tried and tested many utilities, and he has a well-worn and highly loved kit bag of trusted favourites that he enthusiastically shared with iMug: LiteSwitch, LaunchBar, Default Folder X, TextExpander, MouseLocator, MsgFiler, and QuicKeys X.
Aug 2008 Illustrator CS3: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Susan Bell: Adobe Education Leader
Aug 2008 Anthony Caruana spoke on a range of interests in all things Apple: iPhone applications. Buying a hard disk or building your own. Home networking.
July 2008 Apple-based school in action
We enjoyed a visit to Coburg Senior High where we learned about their educational philosophy and how the Mac and its software is central to the achievements of its students and staff.
July 2008 Keynote-based tour of the NECC 2008 conference, in San Antonio, Texas
Gary Bass, Connecting Point
July 2008 The 3G iPhone in action
Mug member Robert Black demonstrated his white 3G iPhone
June 2008 iMovie and iDVD 08
Terry Bennett, Streetwise Software
June 2008 Has DVD eclipsed VHS (Betamax) at your house? or Digital Video for Buggles—How to transfer those dusty old videos cassettes onto your computer then onto an iPod or YouTube.
Peter Stagg, Faculty of Arts, Monash University
May 2008 Mac's Lazy Design—a fascinating insight into software development, especially where Apple is concerned
Graham Miln, DssW
May 2008 A Journey to another world: Virtual worlds: Teaching 'Life' with Second Life
Annabel Astbury, Education Services Manager, History Teachers' Association of Victoria
Apr 2008 Apples with Apples—the latest developments in what is shaping up as a huge year for Apple
Justin Krisko, systems engineer, Apple Australia
Apr 2008 Why my Mac is central to almost everything I do as a landscape photographer
Peter Walton, Australian Scenics
Mar 2008 IceTV and EyeTV3—Change the way you watch TV....for ever!
Marc Edwards, iSlayer
Mar 2008 Online Predators—negotiating the hazards of the online environment
Anthony Caruana, Pocket Mojo
Feb 2008 MacWorld Jan'08—a first hand report
Les Posen, Psychologist and IT Writer; iMug President, and
Garry Bass, Connecting Point
Dec 2007

Macophiles Making Music—a series of musical items by gifted Macintosh users

photos photo gallery (in new window)

YouTube video YouTube videos of:

  1. Auburn Uniting Church Tower Tour with Ted Baillieu
  2. Pianist Louis Schmidt, Chopin's Grande Valse
  3. Les Posen and Lili Hampel. Israeli folk dancing
  4. Violinist Colin MacLeod, Scottish folk music, Glen Tilt
  5. iMug carollers sing 'We Wish You a merry Christmas!'
Nov 2007 Leopard—the new cat
Les Posen, Psychologist and IT Writer; iMug President, and
Darren Hui & Henry Johnson, Sales Consultants from Streetwise
Nov 2007 Bento from FileMaker
Les Posen, Psychologist and IT Writer; iMug President
Oct 2007 iPhone—a first look and touch!
Keith Lang, Plasq
Oct 2007 FileMaker 9.0—an exploration of key features
Ray Cologon, Certified FileMaker 7 and 8 Developer, Nightwing Enterprises
Oct 2007 A Walkabout in Second Life
David Turk, computer consultant and programmer
Sep 2007 How to set up a wireless network to put music around your house
Gary Bass, Education Manager, Connecting Point, Apple accredited systems reseller
Aug 2007 iWork 08
Les Posen, Information Technology Writer and Psychologist
Aug 2007 Architects, Engineers, Creativity and the Mac
Neil Pringle
July 2007 Converting your vinyl records to digital
Terry Bennett, Streetwise
July 2007 Converting your videotapes to DVDs
Michael Green, Drift Media
Stephen Withers, Black and Write
Brian Livingston, Interactive Technologies,
June 2007 What does the World Wide Developers Conference Reveal?
Mathieu Tozer, from Plasq, recently returned from WWDC and
Les Posen, Information Technology Writer and Psychologist
June 2007 Setting up a wireless network in your home
Nicholas Crook, Triptych Services, Apple Solution Providers, and
Ben Stone, Training Co-ordinator, Information Management, Royal District Nursing Service
May 2007 Adobe Creative Suite 3—Photoshop and Photoshop Extended
Brian Chau, Sales Engineer, Adobe Systems
May 2007 Reunion for MAX—Maximising your family history on a Mac
Robyn Fisher, Coordinator of the Reunion and Generations User Group (RAGUG) of Victorian GUM (Genealogists Using Microcomputers)
Apr 2007 Skitch—Snap, Draw, Share
Keith Lang, Interaction Designer, Plasq, the developer of Comic Life
Apr 2007 3D Home Design Software
Robert Black, Graphic Designer and Director, ThereFor Design
Apr 2007 Podcasting: iLife and Garageband—even the kids can do it!
David Allibon, National Education Manager, NextByte, Apple Premium Reseller, Ivanhoe
Mar 2007 Buying a Mac, software and extras—new or secondhand
Phillip Green, Mac Advice
Mar 2007 Using the Mac for school-based data collection in the sciences—and podcasting it
Gary Bass, Connecting Point, Apple accredited systems reseller
Feb 2007 Apple Update
Tung U, Systems Engineer, Apple Computer Australia
Feb 2007 We're Mobile, so where are we going? — Some thoughts on the 3GSM World Congress held in Barcelona
Garry Barker alias MacMan, Technology Editor of The Age
Dec 2006 Apple Computer Exhibition Launch—Exhibition by iMug of a representative sample of Apple hardware, software and promotional material that tells Apple Computer Inc's story of its contribution to personal computing and its impact on the computer industry and society.
YouTube video YouTube video of Lucas de Jong singing The Very Model of a Modern Apple MacBook Pro
Nov 2006 MYOB update
James Clarke, MoneyCounters
Nov 2006 Blender—free (open source) software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback
James Clarke, MoneyCounters
Oct 2006 Global Roaming: connecting your Mac anywhere
presented by a bundle of intrepid iMug travellers
Oct 2006 VoIP: Slash your telephony costs
Derek Rawson, IT Consultant
Sep 2006 Spice up your life with Comic Life
Keith Lang, co-developer of the WWDC award winning application Comic Life, now being distributed on all new Macintoshes
Sep 2006 Do it yourself podcasts
Les Posen, Information Technology Writer and Psychologist, and
Anthony Caruana, President iMug and The PDA Guy
Aug 2006 Building an iPod HiFi
Simon Clement, Chiropractor and Art Gallery management software developer
Aug 2006 Apple in 10 years time
Garry Barker alias MacMan, Information Technology Journalist, The Age
Jul 2006 How digital photography is changing the world
Terry Lane, Radio Presenter and Photography Journalist
Jul 2006 Journey as a professional digital landscape photographer
Peter Walton, Professional Photographer
Jun 2006 Apple Update
David Larman, My Mac Australia
May 2006 Getting the best colour out of your printer
Jonathan Dodd and Andrew Politis, Epson Australia
May 2006 iMovie: professional movies are within your grasp"
Colin Hughes, Serious Movie Maker
Apr 2006 Creating your own website using RapidWeaver
Hope Stewart, Website Design & Management
Apr 2006 Introduction to FileMaker 8
Ray Cologan, NightWing Enterprises
Mar 2006 Celebrating Apple Computer's 30th Anniversary—A look back at the Apple I
Brian Livingston
 meeting notes + photos
Mar 2006 Celebrating Apple Computer's 30th Anniversary—Four Generations of Apple Computers
 meeting notes + photos
Mar 2006 The Art of Keynote or how to avoid death by PowerPoint
Les Posen
Feb 2006 Wrap up of MacWorld San Fransisco
The Age's Macman Garry Barker and Les Posen

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