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March 2015 iMug Meeting
Who says technology can't make you fitter? Exercising more, Getting Healthier, and Enjoying life

Presenter: Anthony Caruana - Technology writer and past iMug President. Blog: Run and Lift

Technology writer and past iMug President Anthony Caruana has, over the last two years used a number of apps and devices to change his lifestyle. In January 2013, he weighed close to 110kg and couldn't jog for more than 30 seconds without needing to stop. Today, over 20kg lighter he has run from Dromana to Cape Schank (over Arthurs Seat), completed several half marathons and is preparing for his first full marathon.

One of the key tools in making this journey has been technology. Anthony walked us through the apps and hardware he has used, telling us about the successes and failures as well as what the future of health technology might hold.

He began his program in small steps, working up to higher goals at a steady pace. He explained why many health apps use gamification techniques, adding game features to make achieving heath goals fun. For him it was a "Couch to 5K" app, where being pursued by zombies was the motivator.

He then reviewed a number of gadgets focused on health and exercise, noting that they provide lots of data, but deciding the right things to measure is often a difficult question. He told us to measure what is valuable to you.

Anthony explained some of his most important gadgets were his bicycle, to replace driving a car with active transport, and a set of kitchen scales to monitor his food intake. A favorite app is MyFitnessPal because it has a large, easy to use food database and can easily pass data to other apps.

He closed by telling us that any technology you use to improve health should be easy to use and not get in the way.

iMuggers asked questions throughout the presentation, showing high interest in the topic and a promise of healthier iMuggers to come.

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