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July 2015 iMug Meeting
FileMaker 14 - What's new, exciting and innovative

Presenter: Michael Ward, Head Honcho, CustoMike Solutions, Member, FileMaker Business Alliance & FileMaker Technical Network FileMaker 7 - 12 Certified Developer

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Michael Ward presented on the new, exciting and innovative features of the newly released FileMaker 14. This appealed not only to those who are current users of FM, but all of us who are interested in database design, and the increasing power, flexibility and integration with mobile devices.

The new FileMaker 14 Platform provides the most complete and flexible experience across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Get new features that speed design and development time, provide more control of iPad and iPhone solutions, and give you access to your data in a mobile browser.

Michael explored the Script Workspace showing that when it comes to automating your FileMaker solution, the brand new Script Workspace does more of the work for you. Create, edit, and view your scripts and calculations all in one streamlined workspace to speed development time.

About Michael Ward

Michael Ward is one of the recognised experts on FileMaker and Michael has provided updates on each new release of Filemaker to iMug members. He always provides clear and stimulating talks regardless of whether you are a current user of FM or simply interested in the major changes in this remarkable data base that take place on each new release.