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February 2016 iMug Meeting
Garry Barker, Macman

Presenter: Garry Barker

Garry wrote his last Macman column for The Age and Fairfax Media in September 2015. He wrote Macman for 20 years, most of that time weekly but latterly fortnightly because of constraints of space. Livewire has continued though managed from Sydney.

These 20 years which Garry covered was an extraordinary time frame in technology innovation and development. His style of writing with humour, and explanations pitched at a level understandable to the non-fanatical computer user made his writing especially entertaining as well as informative.

In his talk, Garry recounted some of the highlights of those twenty years, covering as they did the rise, "fall" and rise of Steve Jobs, the dawning of the internet for the ordinary person, the development and takeover by mobile devices, and the penetration of technology into the classroom, which is of special interest to him.

Watch the video below of Garry's talk to hear his reflections from his unique experience as an outstanding journalist, who had the opportunity of attending many of the keynote events of this era both here and abroad.