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April 2016 iMug Meeting
Edtech, digitech and STEM – Apple in the forefront

Presenter: Gary Bass, Victorian IT leader of the year for 2016

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International research indicates that 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills and knowledge, and in Europe it's predicted there will soon be a shortage of between 380,000 and 700,000 ICT workers.

It was Thomas Edison who said that " discontent is the first necessity of progress."

So while the situation may sound dire, states a Lenovo ThinkFWD report, and the need for action is patently urgent, inspiration can be drawn from the words of that great scientist, engineer and innovator. A complete understanding of the educational needs and a coordinated approach between government, industry and primary and tertiary education is required to reverse the trend, and the movement is already gathering momentum.

AS iMug members, we are interested in technology broadly, and its use in education has always had a special place. Gary is well-known to iMug members for his expertise and enthusiasm for the use of technology in Education. One project of special interest is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths program (STEM). The Australian Government has committed an extra $12 million to restore the focus, and increase student uptake of, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in primary and secondary schools across the country.

Apple is a key player in the success of this program. iOS and OS X maintains a lead in online, interactive and control technologies. Current Government and educational authorities persistently use STEM as a panacea for all productive economy problems. Victoria has a STEM strategy and OS X and iOS are a major players in this.

Gary also refers to iTunesU for ideas using Sphero and Ollie robots..and the ADE OBT project -one best thing.

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About Gary Bass

Gary Bass was awarded ADE in 2011 and more recently Victorian IT leader of the year for 2016. Gary is a recognised digitech leader and has a proven ability to enthuse and empower educators in any team to contribute to state, national and international projects.

Whilst some educators would be happy to just work with just one group, Gary embraced the broad nature of the STEM area by working with a more complex landscape across different traditional subject areas to consider the role and use of technology in education. In particular he is constantly exploring the broad, cross-curriculum impact of its adoption in the classroom by other teachers and engaging with multiple professional subject associations.

A very worthy winner of the DLTV Leader of the Year Award. Gary cites his other interests as Cars, robotics and Mathematica simulations including Wolfram cloud for the iPad.