A history of VMUG and iMug 1985–2020: A few prominent VMUG/iMug members

By Noel Jackling OAM

In mentioning a few names, others who could well be mentioned will inevitably inadvertently not be included.

Les Posen became an expert of international renown in the field of presentations, and in the use of Keynote. He is a psychologist who practices with distinction in the field of 'Fear of Flying'. Les was president for 12 years. He played a leading role in the iMug Apple Collection project. He preached against what he termed 'Death by PowerPoint' and instead advocated for presentation techniques whose human impact was evidence based.

Shane Stanley acquired expertise in Macintosh operating Systems and developed great skills in the field of AppleScript. For some years Shane went to USA annually and ran AppleScript workshops.

Stephen Withers, an IT journalist, was made an iMug Industry Expert, and for very many years has devoted much time in helping iMug members solve their computing problems, often of a serious nature.

Garry Barker was for many many years a journalist who wrote a Macintosh column as 'The Mac Man' in the Thursday Green Guide, included in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. In that capacity Apple Australia gave him on loan, its new products, often just prior to release, so that he could write about them immediately upon their release. He regularly went to USA for that purpose. Garry shared his expertise with iMug members over the email list. His iPod and Apple Watch have become part of the Museum Victoria iMug Apple Collection. The provenance for the Apple Watch is remarkable—the warning it gave Garry on heart arrhythmia probably saved his life.

Derek Rawson was a Macintosh IT consultant who serviced his clients' computing problems and gave of his expertise on the iMug email list. He developed a specialised knowledge of Photoshop and for a few years ran an iMug graphics special interest group. He continues to make occasional contributions to the Discussion List from his new home in Queensland.

Ian Woodside, with great organisational aplomb, started organising regular monthly meetings and continued doing so until the end of 2018. In the initial years this meant organising two speakers each night. This was an extraordinary contribution to the life of the Society.

Charmian Gaud has faithfully served iMug for very many years as Secretary, Vice- President and Committee Member and has tended to plug the gaps left by others. She has made many contributions to discussions on the email List, and has been particularly active and innovative during the Covid-19 pandemic. Members will also remember the great breakup Christmas parties held at her home in Williamstown.

Ben de Jong was a very early adopter of the Macintosh, and used it to manage his rubber stamp business. Ben says that his business could not have succeeded without his Macintosh.

Brian Livingston was President for 13 years, including its halcyon days. Much of the initial development and scope of VMUG's operations emerged as a result of Brian's leadership. Brian played a leading role in the iMug Apple Collection project.

Office Bearers and Life Members – Details of Office Bearers and Life Members are to be found in Appendix 6 and Appendix 7.

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Table of Contents

  1. The early years
  2. The 1990s—rapid rise and rapid decline
  3. VMUG News
  4. VMUG premises in Ross House
  5. Help Desk, Computer Training and Public Domain Software
  6. Meetings
  7. The rise and impact of the Internet
  8. iMug Apple Collection at Museum Victoria
  9. An odd occasion
  10. iMug Widget—a small feature to advertise meetings
  11. A few prominent VMUG/iMug members
  12. In conclusion
  13. Appendix 1 - Four special December meetings
  14. Appendix 2 - Apple Effect timeline banner 1976–1990
  15. Appendix 3 - Apple Effect timeline banner 1990–2006
  16. Appendix 4 - Libretto to 'An Apple a Day'
  17. Appendix 5 - Libretto to 'The Very Model of a Modern Apple MacBook Pro'
  18. Appendix 6 - Office Bearers
  19. Appendix 7 - Life Members

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