A history of VMUG and iMug 1985–2020: Appendix 1– Four special December meetings

By Noel Jackling OAM

December 2007 at Auburn Uniting Church

Tower climb and talk

Climbing the ladders of the tower of the State heritage listed Lombard Romanesque Auburn Uniting Church to the observation deck and talk on 'Towers' by architect and politician Mr Ted Baillieu MP.

Maestros Making Music—a series of musical items by gifted Macintosh users

The program included:

In the church, Geoffrey Tomlinson played the 1889 Fincham & Hobday church pipe organ, with about 1700 pipes, and which very unusually, had its case designed by the church architect, Alfred Dunn. Pieces played by Geoffrey included:

We were shown the location of George Swinburne's pew in church and learned of the finding in the mid to late 1960s of his Psalter and Bible in a pew drawer. In 1908, George Swinburne MP (1861–1928), a staunch Methodist, because of his interest in education and welfare, founded the Eastern Suburbs Technical College, later known as Swinburne Institute of Technology and later again renamed Swinburne University.

In the Sunday School building, Lucas de Jong sang Tom Lehrer's 'Poisoning pigeons in the Park'.

Louis Schmidt played Chopin's 'Grande Valse' on the Krauss upright piano, which according to church historical notes was made for the German Kaiser Wilhelm.

Colin MacLeod, violin virtuoso, played Scottish folk music on his Chinese crafted New Zealand strung violin.

Les Posen and Lili Hampel gave a demonstration of Israeli folk dancing.

December 2008 at Melbourne Museum: Triumphant Technology and Trombones

Lemonade—one of the first computer Apple games

Ian Godfrey, with Robert Black. Ian demonstrated 'Lemonade' which he played on his Apple ][ in 1979. Demonstration made possible on a Macintosh by Virtual ][ (licence by courtesy of Gerard Putter).

Nothing is new under the sun … some of us call it a 'Mac'!

David Demant, Senior Curator, Information and Communication, Museum Victoria

A see, touch, hear experience of some of the precursors of modern information and communication devices. Presentation included projection of lantern slides.

Trombones (and tuba)

A pot pourri of outstanding music by the outstanding musicians of the RAAF Low Brass Ensemble

December 2009 at ACMI

Not a special meeting, but a planned visit to the newly opened 'Images & Imaginations' exhibition followed by a regular meeting at Ross House.

December 2010 at Melbourne Museum: Interactive technologies in a modern museum

Speaker: Tim Hart, Director, Information, Multimedia and Technology, Museum Victoria

Lucas de Jong sang 'Largo al factotum' from 'The Barber of Seville' by Rossini.

Colin MacLeod, played Scottish folk tunes on his violin.

Lucas de Jong and the audience sang 'I am the very model of a modern Apple MacBook Pro' to the Sullivan tune for 'I am the very model of a modern majorgeneral'.

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